Giorgio’s Tiramisu

Long ago I was an exchange student in Germany, and lived next door to Giorgio, an exchange student from Italy. He gave me his mum’s recipe for tiramisu. It was fantastic! That was almost 20 years ago. I lost the recipe, and never knew it well enough to make from memory. Occasionally I’d see a tiramisu recipe in a book or magazine. They were never anything like the recipe I knew. Tiramisu varies a lot! Last year I found Delia’s tiramisu – it’s the real deal! As per Giorgio’s mum’s recipe I don’t put in any rum, and use a dusting of cocoa powder instead of the chocolate. Which looks like:

Italian Tiramisu

These days some people don’t want to eat food which contains raw eggs, due to the risks of salmonella. Personally I use really fresh eggs for this, and make sure they have the Lion Mark. You choose!